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Sodium silicate is a generic name for stone compounds with the formula Na 2x SiO 2+x or (Na 2 O) x · SiO 2, such as sodium metasilicate Na 2 SiO 3, sodium orthosilicate Na 4 SiO 4, and sodium pyrosilicate Na 6 Si 2 O 7.The anions are often polymeric.These compounds are generally colorless transparent solids or white powders, and soluble in water in various amounts.

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Sodium sulfate, Na 2 SO 4, is a white crystalline solid or powder employed in the manufacture of kraft paper, paperboard, glass, and detergents and as a raw material for the production of various chemicals.It is obtained either from deposits of the sodium sulfate minerals mirabilite and thenardite or synthetically by the treatment of sodium chloride with sulfuric acid.

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Sodium aluminosilicate refers to compounds which contain sodium, aluminium, silicon and oxygen, and which may also contain water.These include synthetic amorphous sodium aluminosilicate, a few naturally occurring minerals and synthetic zeolites.Synthetic amorphous sodium aluminosilicate is widely used as a stone additive, E-554

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In sodium: Principal compounds. Sodium carbonate, or soda ash, Na 2 CO 3, is widely distributed in nature, occurring as constituents of mineral waters and as the solid minerals natron, trona, and thermonatrite.Large quantities of this alkaline salt are used in making glass, detergents, and cleansers. Sodium carbonate is treated with…. Read More; production

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