aggregate supply curve show the quantity of goods and services that firm

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a curve that shows the quantity of goods and services that households, firms, the government, and customers abroad want to buy at each price level - slopes downward because a fall in the price level raises the overall quantity of goods and services demanded through the wealth effect, interest-rate effect, and the exchange-rate effect

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Long-Run aggregate supply curve whatever number they give you, put a vertical line on that number on the horizontal axis suppose the gov.t passes a law that significantly increases the minimum wage.

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The aggregate supply curve shows the total quantity of output—real GDP—that firms will produce and sell at each price level.

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Changes in aggregate supply are represented by shifts of the aggregate supply curve. An illustration of the ways in which the SAS and LAS curves can shift is provided in Figures (a) and (b). A shift to the right of the SAS curve from SAS 1 to SAS 2 of the LAS curve from LAS 1 to LAS 2 means that at the same price levels the quantity supplied of real GDP has increased .

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Aggregate-supply curve – Shows the quantity of goods and services – That firms choose to produce and sell – At each price level – Upward sloping • Figure 2 • The Aggregate-Demand (AD) Curve

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Principles of Macroeconomics: Ch. 19 Second Canadian Edition Factors that might shift the Aggregate Demand Curve Shifts in the aggregate demand curve may arise because of: 1. Changes in spending plans by consumers or firms. 2. Changes in fiscal or monetary policy.



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Why the Long-run Aggregate-Supply Curve Might Shift. The position of the long-run aggregate-supply curve shows the quantity of goods and services predicted by classical macroeconomic theory. This level of production is sometimes called potential output or full-employment output.

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The aggregate supply curve shows the relationship between the price level and the quantity of goods and services supplied in an economy. The equation for the upward sloping aggregate supply curve, in the short run, is Y = Ynatural + a(P - Pexpected).

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The aggregate supply curve shows the quantity of goods and services that households, firms, and the government want to buy at each price. d. All of the above are correct.

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The classical aggregate supply curve comprises a short-run aggregate supply curve and a vertical long-run aggregate supply curve. The short-run curve visualizes the total planned output of goods and services in the economy at a particular price level.

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