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mys·ter·y[ˈmist(ə)rē]NOUNmysteries (plural noun) something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain."the mysteries of outer space" · [more]"hoping that the inquest would solve the mystery"synonyms:puzzle · enigma · conundrum · riddle · secret · unsolved problem · [more]problem · question · question mark · closed book · poserthe condition or quality of being secret, strange, or difficult to explain."much of her past is shrouded in mystery"synonyms:secrecy · darkness · obscurity · ambiguity · ambiguousness · [more]uncertainty · impenetrability · vagueness · nebulousness · inscrutability · inscrutableness · unfathomableness · mystique · romancea person or thing whose identity or nature is puzzling or unknown."“He's a bit of a mystery,” said Nina" · [more]"a mystery guest"a novel, play, or movie dealing with a puzzling crime, especially a murder.synonyms:thriller · detective story/novel · murder story · whodunit(mysteries)the secret rites of Greek and Roman pagan religion, or of any ancient or tribal religion, to which only initiates are admitted.the practices, skills, or lore peculiar to a particular trade or activity and regarded as baffling to those without specialized knowledge."the mysteries of analytical psychology"archaicthe Christian Eucharist.christian theologya religious belief based on divine revelation, especially one regarded as beyond human understanding."the mystery of Christ"an incident in the life of Jesus or of a saint as a focus of devotion in the Roman Catholic Church, especially each of those commemorated during recitation of successive decades of the rosary.

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